Many is used with plural nouns (e.g., many mice). Examples on what can be entered.

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We can also use a lot of or lots of.

Much. We can use much and many to talk about quantities. Uncountable nouns (milk, marmalade, money, time etc.) many: Use much (adv.) to emphasize a comparative adjective, more.

Both ‘much’ and ‘many’ are determiners, and have the same or similar definition. We didn't learn a lot of grammar.; Do you get much homework?

In plural, these nouns can be used with a number (that's why they are called 'countable nouns'). Much | watch tv online | catch up on full episodes for free. Much it is used with uncountable nouns.

How much and how many are used in questions and negations. Many it is used with countable nouns. I don't have a lot of time, and you don't have a lot of money.

Both many and much are classified as indefinite determiners. I don't receive letters nowadays. We can calculate account worth in all currencies supported by steam.

· i want more of the pancakes. Affirmative, negative and interrogative, with both countable and uncountable nouns. Use many if the noun is countable (e.g., oranges, children).

Examples for much / many. Then, as a nation grows wealthier, tax rates could fall in terms of percentages because the nation is making so much more money. There is no much difference between the two phrases.

Many and much are easy to confuse. Far, rather, a little, a bit, a lot) this apple is much more beautiful than that one. I put too salt in the soup.

• much precedes uncountable nouns: Did you learn a lot of english expressions? There's lots of information on this website.

There aren’t that many indian restaurants in my city. Much and many suggest a large quantity: I don't have many english stamps in my collection.

English exercise some / any / much / many created by greg100 with the test builder. Find 114 ways to say much, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. Phillip owns many properties in france.

How many dollars have you got? They mean ‘a lot […] How much money have you got?

Much, many, a lot of, lots of : A lot of can be used in all sentences: This page has example sentences to explain the.

Many people would use them properly, but most likely based on intuitive judgment. Much and many are used to express that there is a large quantity of something. A lot of, much and many are used to talk about quantities, amounts and degree.

I've got a lot of games. Countable nouns have a singular and a plural form. Much definition, great in quantity, measure, or degree:

A lot of food is in the refrigerator. Did you spend much at the mall? We usually use a lot of or lots of in positive sentences.

• many precedes countable nouns: There aren't many shops in my town. We have many friends, in many countries.

There is too water in the bath tub. How rice do you eat per week? More of, much of, many of often, these words are used with the preposition of.

This apple is far more flavorful than the other one. In informal english these questions are often answered with a lot of, lots of. How brothers and sisters has anne got?

Exercise on much and many. Many is uncommonly used in a positive sentence except for scholarly contexts such as science journals or reference books. Much food can be preserved in a refrigerator.

Much is used with singular nouns (e.g., much cheese). A lot of people were at the party. They don't have much money to buy a present.

We learned a lot of new english words.; Countable nouns (bottles of milk, jars of marmalade, dollars, minutes etc.) examples: This apple is a bit more exceptional than that one.

I need many practice exercises. Yet, there are definite rules on how to use the words correctly. Decide whether you have to use much or many.

The latest tweets from @much I don’t have much money. Reword the sentence using a lot of or several.

In connection with much / many people often speak of countable nouns and uncountable nouns. Our site has price history for all games in all currencies! Much and many are normally used in negative sentences or questions.

(use in a scholarly context only.) many. I don't have much time, and you don't have much money. This page will calculate the approximate value of your steam account by looking up your games on your steam community profile, using the current prices for each game on the steam store.

For things we can count, we use.

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