How To Shock A Hot Tub With Bleach

If you use bleach, make sure to clean it thoroughly before using the hot tub again. How to shock a hot tub with bleach.

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You never want to use bleach in place or regular chlorine or bromine sanitizing, but you can use bleach to occasionally shock your hot tub water and use diluted bleach to clean the shell of an empty hot tub.

How to shock a hot tub with bleach. You never want to use bleach in place or regular chlorine or bromine sanitizing, but you can use bleach to occasionally shock your hot tub water and use diluted bleach to clean the shell of an empty hot tub. Diluted bleach can also be used to clean the shell of a hot tub when it’s empty. The hot tub should not be used until the chlorine/bromine level drops back below 5 ppm.

How much bleach do you put in a 500 gallon hot tub? If you think that the water quality will get worse in the next 24 hours, adding a hot tub shock chemical will do the trick. 3 fluid ounces of 6% bleach will raise the free chlorine (fc) level by 4 ppm in 350 gallons.

Do not use liquid bleach to sanitize your. I would shock to around 10 ppm fc so that would be a little more than 7 fluid ounces in 350 gallons. Once you add bleach to your hot tub, you should turn on the jets and wait at least 1 day before you can use the hot tub again.

However, it is unwise to use it as a regular sanitizer due to the concentration. When using a biguanide sanitizer system (aqua silk), the spa shock is made of liquid hydrogen peroxide, which can not be used in a bromine or chlorine treated spa/hot tub. Drain the hot tub water and clean the tub shell with a diluted solution made from half a cup of household chlorine bleach and three gallons of warm water.

Measure the shock, add it to your hot tub, and leave your cover off for at least 20 minutes. If your hot tub has 400 gallons of water then 1 cup of bleach will shock it. Carefully add the required shock to the hot tub.

Treating your hot tub with chlorine. Leave the cover off for one hour after adding the bleach. Just avoid using liquid chlorine designed for swimming pools.

Keep the spa cover open or removed for about 30 minutes after adding spa shock, to allow reaction gas to escape and prevent damage to the spa cover. Remove the lid of your hot tub and turn the taps on to let the water flow in. If you use chlorine to sanitize a hot tub, maintain a level of 1 to 3 ppm.

You can use 1/8 cup liquid bleach for a weekly hot tub shock. If your hot tub is indoors, you can shock it. However, because bleach has an extremely high ph of 13, it can cause your ph level in your hot tub to rise drastically.

Bleach shouldn’t be your first choice as a cleaning agent for your hot tub. How to shock a spa with bleach? On a regular basis, assess the quality of the water.

Use chlorine or bromine granules to shock the hot tub. Can you use bleach to clean your hot tub?

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